Exam Special

You know they're out there and they're going to get you some day, some time. So get yourself prepared now and don't let them sneak up on you. Remember exams are just pub quizzes without the beer - and a mobile phone to text questions to friends. Take a look at this month's advice leaflets on managing anxiety and coping with exam nerves.

Anxiety - managing anxiety
Stressful situations eg. problems with money, housing or relationships can cause anxiety. Symptoms include "butterflies" in the tummy, trembling, palpitations or difficulty sleeping (insomnia). While feeling anxious is unpleasant, it can be a warning that there is something wrong in our lives. To get rid of anxiety we may have to deal with the underlying problem. Below is a simple technique which some people use to help them solve problems:... [More]

Chronic Pain in Young Adults
Being a student is an exciting and challenging time in life. Young people face many changes, such as leaving home, demands of further education and starting work. Friendships and relationships change and often become more important. All young people have these pressures but for some life may be further complicated by chronic pain.... [More]

Exam nerves
How to cope with exams Most people experience some degree of anxiety about exams. Whilst a certain amount of exam stress is and can be used as a motivating force, it is important to keep on top of exam anxiety. The best way to do this is to be organised.... [More]

Managing migraine
Migraine is a hugely individual condition: trigger factors, symptoms, and responses to treatment differ greatly from person to person, meaning that it can take time to recognise and manage.   Research into the condition is continuing: at present we donít know what causes migraine, there is no definitive way to diagnose migraine, and there is currently no cure.  However, there have been huge developments and steps forward in recent years and there is much that can be done to help reduce the frequency and severity of migraine attacks.... [More]

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Student Fact Sheet
For many, going to university is usually the first experience of living away from home. As is well documented, for people with OCD, stress can cause symptoms to become worse. The student lifestyle can be very demanding and emotionally stressful, and this is one reason why OCD often becomes its most severe for some during those uni years.
We have put together this page to hopefully help you manage your OCD that little bit better.... [More]

Psoriasis is a disorder of the skin which typically consists of red patches covered by silvery-white scales. These result from your skin "turning over" or shedding its layers much faster than normal.... [More]




Health Events for May 2015

1 - 31   Action on Stroke Month
1 - 30   Hughes Syndrome Awareness Month
1 - 30   National Walking Month
1 - 30   Save a Baby Month
2 - 10   Dystonia Awareness Week
4 - 10   Deaf Awareness Week
4 - 8   National Thrombosis Week
4   Sun Awareness Week
4 - 10   Viral Meningitis Week World Asthma Day World Ovarian Cancer Day
9   Cleft Lip and Palate Awareness Week
10   M.E. Awareness Week
10   World Lupus Day
11 - 16   Cancer Prevention Week
11 - 17   Children's Hospice Week
11 - 17   Coeliac Awareness Week
11 - 17   Huntington's Disease Awareness Week
11   International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day
11 - 17   Mental Health Awareness Week
11 - 15   Walk to Work Week
12   International Nurses Day
15   Fruity Friday
15   Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day
17   National Epilepsy Week
17   World Hypertension Day
18   Action for Brain Injury Week
18   Dementia Awareness Week
18   Dying Matters Week
18   National Food Safety Week
18   National Smile Month
18   Walk to School Week
18   World Hepatitis Day
19   Arthritis Care Awareness Week
31   World No Tobacco Day



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