Easter Special

Easter. A time for celebration. A time for chocolate eggs, hot cross buns, Easter bonnets and er...bunnies. Why bunnies? Apparently, the Easter bunny was celebrated in pre-Christian times as a symbol of new life during spring. Why the bunny? It was the most fertile animal known at the time. You can find out more at here.

How many chocolate eggs are you going to eat this Easter? Check your weight with our Body Mass Index calculator

Cold sores
Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus. They occur in people who have been infected with the virus in the past, usually as a child. The virus lies dormant in the nerve cells which supply feeling to the skin. Intermittently it tracks down these nerves and causes a blister on the lips or other facial areas.... [More]

Conjunctivitis - The Red Eye
Inflammation of the eyes is most commonly caused by conjunctivitis. One of the distinguishing features of conjunctivitis is the ‘gritty’ sensation it causes in the eye rather than pain. You should be able to see normally with conjunctivitis, if not, there is probably a more serious condition present. It is vital that you seek prompt advice if you suffer a sudden deterioration in your vision.... [More]

Depression is a disorder of mood. It affects up to 15% of the general population at any one time. It is twice as common amongst women than men.... [More]

Manic depressive illness
Sufferers experience severe mood swings. These mood swings may be low as in depression or high resulting in periods of exaggerated elation. These high periods are known as ‘manic’ phases. Many sufferers have both high and low phases, but some will only experience either depression or mania.... [More]

Transplants are one of the most miraculous achievements of modern medicine.
They involve the donation of organs from one person to another and typically enable nearly 3,000 people to take on a new lease of life in the UK every year.... [More]

When to stop smoking?
When is the best time to stop smoking? Probably a daft question, because obviously everybody’s different. You could try giving up on January 1st, your birthday, National No-Smoking Day. Whenever you choose. But what is the same for everyone is that it’s NEVER TOO LATE or TOO EARLY!... [More]

Common Cold:

Catching a cold on your summer break can really put a damper on
your fun in the sun. The common cold is caused by a virus.
Once you’re infected you can’t be “cured” until the virus works itself
of your system. Still, you can use OTC Contac Cold and Flu and
lots of water to treat your symptoms and keep you
on your feet when resting isn’t an option.

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