Strawberries and Scream

Time to settle down to two weeks of of big slams, grunts and screeches - no not your annual holiday, Wimbledon fortnight starts on June 29th.
   For those of you that are fed up with the increased use of the "grunt" in tennis this year viewers with BBCi can press the red button and mask grunts with alternative noises such as "take that", "golly", "whew" or mute it entirely. If only. You can get all the results at

Blue toe - Sport toenail injuries
Blue toe can be caused by toes constantly crashing into the end of sports shoes/boots during sports, especially if there are abrupt stops or constant pounding of the foot. It most commonly occurs in tennis, football, cricket and jogging. First and second toes are most often involved in football and tennis whilst jogging tends to affect the third, fourth or fifth toe... [More]

Hay fever
Hay Fever is an annoying condition characterised by sneezing, a runny or blocked nose, itching of throat and ears or sore itchy eyes.... [More]

Tennis Elbow
Tennis elbow, rowing elbow, or lateral epicondylitis to give it itís medical name (meaning inflammation of the outer part of the elbow), is a fairly common condition affecting about four adults per thousand annually.
Symptoms include pain over the outer side of the elbow which may be worse on gripping or lifting any object such as a kettle or racquet handle... [More]

Tennis Fever
Tennis Fever usually presents in annual cycles. For most sufferers this starts in late June but more acute forms can start a few weeks earlier. Some poor souls experience it all year round.
It can present in one or more of all the known strains   Participatory, Atrium and Al Fresco... [More]

Tennis leg (Calf strains)
Calf strain usually occurs after a sudden change of movement during sport (e.g. tennis), or tripping or treading awkwardly onto a step.
Symptoms and signs include sudden pain in the calf muscle above the Achilles tendon followed by an ache and pain on walking. Sometimes there may be significant bruising and some swelling.... [More]


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