New Year, New You?

Did you make a New Year's resolution? Was your New Year's resolution not to make New Year's resolutions anymore? Either way only about 40% of them are likely to succeed, which isn't bad really. Especially when most people make New Year's resolutions as an incentive to keep a more healthy lifestyle. So bear this in mind when making yours- if you plan to fail and do, does that mean you've succeeded?

On 6th January, blood stocks reach their lowest point in the year. Perhaps your New Yearís Resolution could be to donate some blood.

Carbon monoxide poisoning
Students should be aware of the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning which still claims the lives of up to 50 people per year and injures four times this number. Some people are left with permanent neurological damage. Diagnosis can be difficult, as symptoms are vague and indistinct. They include.... [More]

Dieting: tricks & tips
There is no miracle diet. It will take time. A sensible weight loss is 1-2lb per week. Portion control is important. Use smaller plates and take your time over meals. Have only small portions of high calorie and fat containing food (meat and cheese). Add a big salad instead.... [More]

Meningitis - commonly asked questions
What are the symptoms to watch for, with meningitis? How common is the organism that causes meningitis? What causes some people to become very ill from this organism?... [More]

Stop The Pop
A top New Year's resolution is trying to cut down on alcohol consumption.... [More]

Student Fire Safety Advice
Youíre more likely to be preoccupied with new timetables and getting reacquainted with mates and the student union than worrying about domestic duties such as cleaning rotas, bills or crucially, fire safety.... [More]

Thongs for the Memories
One of the top New Year Resolutions is to get more exercise and or lose weight. So if you want to parade that spangley new thong Great Aunt Ethel gave you for Christmas then you might want to know more about aerobic exercise... [More]

When to stop smoking?
When is the best time to stop smoking? Probably a daft question, because obviously everybodyís different. You could try giving up on January 1st, your birthday, National No-Smoking Day. Whenever you choose. But what is the same for everyone is that itís NEVER TOO LATE or TOO EARLY!... [More]




Health Events for January 2015

1 - 31    Dry January
1 - 31    Love Your Liver
4    World Braille Day
14    STIQ Day
25    World Leprosy Day
31    National Bug Busting Day


Common Cold:

Catching a cold on your summer break can really put a damper on
your fun in the sun. The common cold is caused by a virus.
Once you’re infected you can’t be “cured” until the virus works itself
of your system. Still, you can use OTC Contac Cold and Flu and
lots of water to treat your symptoms and keep you
on your feet when resting isn’t an option.

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