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There are more health events than you can shake a stick at this month. But donít shake it too hard - you donít want to get tennis elbow, especially as Wimbledon starts on the 27th June. Before that Euro Fever will be sweeping the country and many of you may be tempted to go to the local park, beach or library to re-enact your favourite football moments and maybe even practice the perfect dive. So whether itís tennis or football here are few sports injury related articles.

Euros Fever
Euros fever usually presents in four year cycles during the summer months. Symptoms include religiously sitting in front of the TV and shouting at it for up to 7 hours. Some experts believe Euros fever is also linked to memory loss as very often sufferers will watch several highlights of the games they have already watched live.... [More]

Foot strain and pain
Foot strain and pain can be caused by lots of standing, walking or running on hard surfaces in shoes with inadequate cushioning or in hard studded boots..... [More]

Footballerís ankle
When you kick the ball, the repeated downward stretching and the kick impact effect on the front part of the ankle joint can cause this condition. This leads to strain and inflammation of the joint capsule and later to the formation of small bony growths (osteophytes) on the edge of the joint.... [More]

Heel pain (plantar fasciitis)
Using your foot too much in various sports involving running and jumping causes aching and pain in the sole of the foot. This injury is more common in athletes running on hard surfaces wearing shoes that cushion the foot inadequately.... [More]

Knee cartilage (meniscal) tears
The symptoms range from minimal aching to a painful, locking knee. There may be clicking and swelling. The knee can also give way in various positions and the range of movement of the joint may be limited.... [More]

Tennis Elbow
Tennis elbow, rowing elbow, or lateral epicondylitis to give it itís medical name (meaning inflammation of the outer part of the elbow), is a fairly common condition affecting about four adults per thousand annually.
Symptoms include pain over the outer side of the elbow which may be worse on gripping or lifting any object such as a kettle or racquet handle... [More]

Tennis Fever
Tennis Fever usually presents in annual cycles. For most sufferers this starts in late June but more acute forms can start a few weeks earlier. Some poor souls experience it all year round.
It can present in one or more of all the known strains   Participatory, Atrium and Al Fresco... [More]

Tennis leg (Calf strains)
Calf strain usually occurs after a sudden change of movement during sport (e.g. tennis), or tripping or treading awkwardly onto a step.
Symptoms and signs include sudden pain in the calf muscle above the Achilles tendon followed by an ache and pain on walking. Sometimes there may be significant bruising and some swelling.... [More]




Health Events for June 2016

1    Hypoparathyroidism Awareness Day
1 - 30    Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Awareness Month
1 - 30    SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society) Awareness Month
1 - 7    Volunteers’ Week
6 - 12    Carers Week
6    Child Safety Week
6 - 12    Heart Rhythm Week
6 - 12    National Food Safety Week
6 - 12    National Glaucoma Awareness Week
8    International Tampon Alert Day
11 - 19    National Bike Week
12 - 18    Diabetes Week
12    The Big Lunch
13 - 19    Breathe Easy Week
13 - 19    Cervical Screening Awareness Week
13 - 17    National Men’s Health Week
13    World Blood Donor Day
15    National Bug Busting Day
18 - 26    Drowning Prevention Week
18    World Sickle Cell Day
20 - 26    Learning Disability Week
21 - 28    National Myeloma Awareness Week
24 - 30    Deafblind Awareness Week
28    World Scleroderma Day





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